Antutu v9 scores of OnePlus 9 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, Find X3 Pro, iQOO 7, Vivo X60 Pro+, Black Shark 4 Pro etc is released

AnTuTu is a benchmarking tool used to benchmark devices. They have released the Antutu Benchmark V9 version benchmark list for the first time. The list includes 2021’s Snapgrdaon 888 powered flagship smartphones.

Antutu v9 public beta is now available. It comes with algorithm changes due to some adjustment in GPU, CPU, memory, storage, UX etc section. So, the v9 scores are higher compared to the v8 scores.

Antutu has released the V9 version benchmark based on data statistics from April 1 to April 30, 2021. It is prepared using average V9 scores counted of a model. Also, the higher memory configuration of a device has been chosen while testing on the benchmark platform.

Talking about ranking based on v9 scores, the Black Shark 4 Pro tops the chart with an average score of 860467. The second place is taken by Oppo Find X3 Pro which scores 831801 points while Nubia Red Magic 6 Pro comes in third place with 828649 points.

The fourth-place smartphone is the OnePlus 9 Pro, with an average score of 826004. Lenovo’s gaming smartphone Legion 2 Pro with 821571 points holds the fifth rank.

Following that, we have other Snapdragon 888 powered devices like Vivo X60 Pro+, iQOO 7, OnePlus 9, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, and Xiaomi Mi 11 achieved the remaining five spots with 815884, 815589, 809703, 808131, and 801900 points respectively.

So, we see all the top ten spots in the ranking list are occupied by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 powered smartphones.


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