Best Ankle Fitness Tracker in 2022

Fitness Trackers are one of the most innovative technologies in the fitness world. It tracks your progress, measures your heart rate, tracks your sleep, etc. A fitness tracker can be your best workout buddy. It can record and track every physical movement in your daily life. Fortunately, fitness trackers are now available specifically designed for wearing on your ankle and offer real-time and accurate data. Ankle fitness trackers are trending in the fitness tracking industry.

What is Ankle Fitness Tracker?

Technically, Fitness trackers and Ankle fitness trackers are the same. But Ankle Fitness Trackers are specially designed to wear on the ankle to improve step tracking. Ankle Fitness Tracker refers to a device or gadget resembling a watch or bracelet placed around the ankle area of your leg. This device can record your heart rate, general activity levels, and steps like fitness trackers.

Why Should You Wear an Ankle Fitness Tracker?

Ankle Fitness Trackers are cool only when you choose and wear them accurately.

All fitness trackers provide you with lots of benefits. It can track your every physical movement and record your progress. Along with that, these devices can be synchronized with your smartphones, where you can see your progress. But why an Ankle Fitness Tracker is better than a Wrist Fitness Tracker? Here, we will explain why you should consider an Ankle Fitness Tracker.

No 1. Increased Tracking Accuracy

The accuracy is the main factor of a Fitness Tracker. There is no point in tracking your data if it’s not accurate. According to the study, Ankle Fitness Trackers are more accurate than Wrist Fitness Tracker. Yes, there is a point. If you don’t swing your arms a lot when running, a Wrist Fitness Tracker couldn’t track the accurate progress.

On the other hand, a cook or nurse cannot wear a gadget on their wrist. So, they could use the Ankle Fitness Tracker. We can say that an Ankle Fitness Tracker will have better accuracy. If your foot moves, the Ankle Fitness Tracker also moves and records too.

No 2. Lesser Distractions

By wearing a fitness tracker on your ankle, you can continuously avoid distractions during your exercises. Nowadays, most people are easily distracted. So, wearing a wrist fitness tracker might distract your work. On the other hand, if you wear an Ankle Fitness Tracker, you can avoid distractions during your work by regularly checking your heart rate, distances, and other progress. Therefore, wearing an Ankle Fitness Tracker will help you to concentrate on your work or activity better.

Disadvantages of Wearing an Ankle Fitness Tracker:

Although Ankle Fitness Tracker has several advantages. But, it also has some limitations. Some of them are:

  • Recording heart rate data.
  • Sleep tracking won’t be accurate.
  • Not designed for the ankle.

Best Ankle Fitness Tracker

Can I wear an activity tracker around my ankle? The best solution is to buy a B-Great Ankle Band and use it with compatible activity trackers that include Fitbit Flex 2/One/Zip/Charge 2 3/Alta HR or Garmin Vivofit/2/3/4/JR Fitness Tracker. This way, you can track ALL your steps while exercising (like on a treadmill, riding a bike, etc.). Below we have provided the two best combinations.

Who Should Buy the Ankle Fitness Tracker?

For a cook and nurse who cannot wear a wrist fitness tracker, the Ankle Fitness Tracker might be perfect for them. Wearing them on the ankle is also quite comfortable. This device is the best option for those who require to count their steps accurately. Athletes should prefer an Ankle Fitness Tracker as their feet work more than their arms.

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