Best Phones with 12GB RAM You Can Buy in 2020

Smartphone industry in recent times has inclined so much towards mobile gaming that 12GB RAM phones a couple of years ago seemed unrealistic. But in 2020 we have seen many devices with 12GB of RAM. As more and more peoples indulge themselves in games like PUBG mobile, Mobile Legends, Fortnite and so on, the manufacturers will keep producing devices to suit these needs. Gaming phones are now a thing just like Gaming laptops are and here we are going to look at best 12GB RAM phones, which are the best choices for hardcore gamers.

List of Best Phones with 12GB RAM

  • ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Lenovo Z6 Pro
  • Black Shark 2
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
  • Vivo iQOO
  • Realme X50 Pro 5G
  • iQOO 3 5G
  • Mi 10 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Asus ROG Phone 2
  • OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition
  • Realme X2 Pro
  • Huawei Mate 30 Pro RS Porsche Design
  • Black Shark 2 Pro

ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3

It is one of those devices manufactured only with the context of gaming in mind. You get the top of the line Snapdragon 855 SoC here along with a gorgeous FHD+ AMOLED display. And along with the 12GB of RAM, you get 256GB of internal storage onboard, which is more than enough for a mobile device. High-performance devices have struggled on the battery department but this 12GB RAM device is a beast even in terms of battery as we get to see a 5000mAh battery with Quick-charge support. Yes, it makes the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3 a bit hefty but it is a gaming phone so in that perspective, a little bit of weight is justified.

OnePlus 7 Pro

The new premium offering from OnePlus is turning a lot of heads, even with the really high pricing as per OnePlus’s standards. But still, OnePlus did bring in a few extra features here to justify the pricing. First of all, we get the completely immersive almost bezel-less display with curves running down on the sides. Then we get the faster 90 Hz display along with in-display fingerprint sensor and a really fast pop-up selfie camera. All these features along with 12GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 855 SoC sounds like the complete package you can ask for. It has also got three really capable rear cameras to compete with the other flagship smartphones. There are also some deals for OnePlus 7 Pro on Amazon so you can even get a better deal for this phone.

Lenovo Z6 Pro

Lenovo is a well-established brand in the smartphone market. But most Lenovo customers don’t like the software support from them. They have manufactured some decent devices but the Lenovo Z6 Pro is a more than a decent one. We see a Snapdragon 855 SoC with 12GB of RAM and whopping 512GB of internal storage. It is simply an overkill from Lenovo. And if this is not enough for you, you will also get a 6.39 inch AMOLED panel along with four cameras on the rear. The fourth one being the ToF(Time of Flight) sensor along with the primary, wide-angle and telephoto lens.

However, you lose out on a full-screen display here as there is a waterdrop notch at the top to house the 32MP selfie shooter. To power it all we have the 27W charging capable 4000 mAh battery. On paper, this looks like almost the perfect phone but Lenovo has a history of letting their customers down on the software front.

Black Shark 2

Xiaomi always have a device in every category and in terms of gaming they have the Black Shark 2. It is a hefty device but a paradise for gamers. Xiaomi Black Shark 2 runs on the latest Snapdragon 855 SoC with 12GB of RAM at a price tag of 50K. Here we also get to see Pressure sensitive Magic press technology, Liquid cooling 3.0 (better than 2.0 by 20 times), AMOLED display and unique design. So it was specifically targetted for gamers and is still available in the Xiaomi store and Flipkart. For the price, you can’t go wrong if a gaming phone is what you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

We saw a 512GB device before, which was from Lenovo but Samsung just went all out with their S10 Plus. Here along with 12GB of RAM, we see 1TB of internal storage. 1TB on a mobile device is something we really do not need. Maybe in the future, it will be a different scenario but as of now, it does not really make sense. But overall it does make it the most expensive device on this list. Despite the RAM and Storage overkill, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus here retains the company’s signature Super AMOLED display with a punch-hole design on the front. It is a seamlessly beautiful smartphone with top tier cameras on the back. You also get wireless charging, quick charge 4.0 for wired charging, IP rating for dust and water resistance and above all the best customer support from Samsung.

Vivo iQOO

Vivo also launched a gaming phone this year following on the trend of mobile gaming. It is called the Vivo iQOO that comes with an FHD+ AMOLED panel with snapdragon 855, 12GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage. But that’s not all, we also see Vivo’s Super flash charge of 44W, which charges the device from 0 to 50 in just 15 minutes, which is perfect for gamers. Plus we get a more than modest 4000 mAh battery. To help with the gaming iQOO also comes with an additional side button to provide better gaming operation to the gamers out there.

Should You Buy a 12GB RAM Phone?

In my opinion, though, we are still a long way from 12GB RAM being a need. Even in 2019 8GB RAM looks like an overkill. Most of the apps or games run more than fine in a 4GB to 6GB RAM device. As of now, no game requires that high amount of RAM while gaming. RAM is all about maintaining the tasks without killing them in the background due to memory shortage. And 12GB of RAM to keep the apps running in the background seems like a joke as most of the time 4-5GB RAM of the device will always remain unused. So for the final verdict, we can say that 12GB of RAM in smartphones for gaming or day to day tasks is just a luxury and not a necessity, as of now.


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