We’re all aware that Huawei is developing its own operating system, HarmonyOS, to compete with Android. Harmony OS has begun to replace EMUI on many older handsets via software updates. We had anticipated that EMUI would no longer receive upgrades. However, Huawei has quietly launched a new version of its Android-based EMUI. The release of EMUI 12 has been confirmed. Despite the fact that they are working on HarmonyOS, the new version of EMUI includes a slew of new features, improvements, and a revamped user interface. Huawei is keeping EMUI alive for devices launched outside of China with the release of the new version of its Android derivative.

Here is the list of features of EMUI 12

  • Revamped Control Centre
  • Fast and Long-Term Performance
  • Device+
  • Security
  • MeeTime

EMUI 12 features a realistic and minimalist interface. “The unique interface design brings the digital world to life,” Huawei claims. For a clean design, the interface uses three major colours: white, black, and blue. The company further says that the movement of astronomical objects in the universe inspired EMUI 12. This is evident in the way the language selection page is created, with each language formed like a spherical, as well as the synchronizing animation, which resembles a heavenly object rotating around another.

1. Revamped Control Centre

The control center has been redesigned in the current version of EMUI. The new control center is said to be more user-friendly, with direct access to the majority of device functions from the control panel. Users will be able to manage playback, access Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings, as well as shortcuts and connected devices on Device+, using the control panel.

2. Fast and Long-Term Performance

The company claims it comes with more improved performance. It also guarantees that response times and program launches will be as seamless as they have always been, even after extended use.

3. Device+

Device+ is a feature that allows Huawei devices to collaborate easily. By tapping the MatePad symbol, you can collaborate with the Notepad on many screens. On the tablet’s screen, users will be able to make calls, send messages, and view images from their phones. In conclusion, this is a really important tool for Huawei ecosystem users. You can edit your phone files on your PC by tapping the MateBook icon, and you can watch videos from your phone on the big screen by tapping the Huawei Vision icon. Switch audio playback from the MatePad or Huawei Vision to the connected headphones by tapping the headset icon.

4. Security

When using Multi-screen Collaboration, EMUI 12 will allow users to unlock their phones from their laptops. They’ll also be able to add their smartwatch to their phone’s trusted devices list.

5. MeeTime

MeeTime is the company’s own video calling program, which was first released with EMUI 10.1. The EMUI 12 update introduces a new version of the software that allows users to smoothly switch calls from their phone to the Huawei Vision and back.

EMUI 12 Europe, USA & UK Rollout Schedule

The EMUI 12 rollout is scheduled to start in the first half of 2022 probably for Europe and UK region. The company has not revealed the EMUI 12 rollout timeline for the USA due to the US trade ban. However, like EMUI 11 rollout plan, Huawei will likely divide the EMUI 12 update schedule into seven market categories as follows:

  • The Middle East, Africa, and Russia
  • Asia Pacific
  • Western Europe
  • Northeastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Japan
  • India


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