Exynos 2300 Processor: CPU, GPU & Everything We Know So Far

Samsung has been one of the major players in the chipset market. It has been making Exynos chips for years. We have seen the Exynos 2200 chip in the latest Galaxy S22 series and the Exynos 1080 chip on Galaxy some mid-range Galaxy smartphones. Now leaks and rumours about the next year’s flagship Exynos chip or the Exynos 2300 are surfacing the web. Here’s what we know about the next-generation flagship Exynos chip.

Previously, some reports suggested that Samsung is ditching the Exynos variant for their Galaxy S series. But this seems to be untrue as the existence of the new Exynos 2300 chip has been leaked. Samsung has set the internal codename— “Quadra” for the new Exynos 2300 chip. For context, the internal codename of the Exynos 2200, which powers the Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra, is Pamir. Earlier, the chip’s model number (S5E9935) was also revealed. This makes it clear that Samsung is working on the next-generation Exynos chipset, which may be called the Exynos 2300.

Exynos 2300 Specifications:

There is nothing official about the Exynos 2300 as of right now. However, recent leaks suggest that the Exynos 2300 will be based on Android’s first-ever Samsung 3nm GAA fabrication process. This means that the power efficiency of the new Exynos SoC will be better than the Exynos 2200.

The exact CPU and the GPU cores are also unknown. However, Samsung could be using ARM’s latest CPU architecture and AMD’s latest Radeon GPU. Currently, the mass production of 3nm processors is set to start later this year. Since we will see the new Exynos chip next year, this would be perfect timing for its mass production. Unfortunately, no other information is available regarding the specifications of the Exynos 2300.

We are all aware of the poor performance of the Exynos 2200 and its throttling issues. It is undeniable that the competition, Apple, is far ahead of Exynos. Fortunately, Samsung is finally thinking of something to make a good reputation for Exynos. Samsung has a massive plan for the future of Exynos.

As mentioned earlier, recent reports suggest that Samsung has decided not to use Exynos for its Galaxy S series for the next two years. These reports also claim that Samsung has set up a 1000 people team to work on the next generation of the Exynos chip. The Exynos 2300, on the other hand, could be restricted to only a few markets like the Exynos 2200.


Samsung’s this decision could be a game-changer for Exynos chips. What do you think of the decision? Should Samsung make a Snapdragon-only version of its Galaxy S23 series and ditch Exynos for two years to improve the current condition of Exynos chips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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