Galaxy S9 to Come with Improved Iris Scanner; Final Design Surfaces


Galaxy S9 to Come with Improved Iris Scanner


This upgrade of the Iris scanner has just come after LG raised the bar of Iris scanning technology in terms of visibility and security. LG uses infrared light to scan; its front camera can function as a front camera and iris scanner. Also, they have provided a method to counter attempts using photos, which can even follow movements and adjust its display illumination to detect differences in pupil size.

The Iris biometric authentication method has already been adopted in several financial institutes in South Korea to secure their respective banking applications, but it still has time for broad adoption. Samsung hopes that increasing its security may lead to making this technology mainstream.

Also, a new image has surfaced on the web showing the finalized design of the Samsung Galaxy S9. The design is the same as we have seen previously in leaked photos. The device has an infinity display but with no lower bezel. The device has a screen ratio of up to 90%, and the display is curved.

On the rear, there is a dual camera setup stacked in a vertical arrangement. The LED flash is placed on the right, and the fingerprint sensor is placed just below the cameras, which may lead to discomfort and smudging.

The Galaxy S9, along with the Galaxy S9 Plus, is expected to appear early and is likely to be unveiled at CES 2018 next month, but a new report from a Samsung spokesperson revealed that though they will be previewed at CES 2018, they will go on sale later in the year. Additionally, another representative dashed those rumors and mentioned that the smartphones will not appear at CES 2018. If this is true, we have high hopes for MWC (Mobile World Congress), which will be held from February 26 to March 1, 2018.

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