Poco started out as a sub-brand under Xiaomi until January 2020 when it finally announced that is now an independent brand. But despite having the tag of an independent brand, Poco still launched only rebranded Xiaomi phones. The smartphones launched by Xiaomi in China under the Redmi lineup is now coming out as Poco devices for the global market. There is nothing wrong with that since Redmi has always been about smartphones that offer the best value for the money.

So now we have well-priced smartphones under the Poco brand with most of its smartphones coming in from the Redmi lineup. This does make things complicated in the software support aspect. Oppo’s sub-brand Realme started out using Oppo’s ColorOS as its own skin of Android. But now we have Realme UI skin launched specifically for the Realme devices. People expected Poco to do the same when they became an independent entity last year, but we still have MIUI running on Poco smartphones.

Poco Android 12 Update

When it comes to Android updates, Poco devices are dependent on Xiaomi. When Xiaomi launches an update for their Redmi lineup in China, then the rebranded Poco model of that smartphone will also receive the update. So the newly launched Poco F3 will receive the Android 12 update only after the Redmi K40 in China receives the beta update for Android 12 in China. We will have beta updates for Poco smartphones too until the stable version from Xiaomi rolls out in the Q1 of 2022 (expectedly). So, Poco will start releasing the Android 12 build for their smartphones in Q1 of 2022.

Last year, Poco has informed that they are aiming towards providing two major OS updates for their mid-range or flagship series of smartphones. For the budget category, the update will be limited to only one major Android OS update. Based on this information, we have compiled the list of smartphones that should receive the upcoming Android 12 update. This is not a piece of official information from the company though. Based on Poco’s promise and track record, we have compiled this list.

List of Poco phones eligible for Android 12

Poco F1 will probably miss out on this upcoming major Android 12 update because it has already received two major updates since its release. Additionally, Android 11 could be the last major upgrade for Poco C3 which is the company’s most affordable smartphone. So, it seems Poco C3 users will not receive the Android 12 build. Reportedly, Poco M2 and Poco M2 Reloaded users may not get the Android 12 update. If any device is launched from Poco or any piece of official news comes from Poco about Android 12, we will update this article.



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