Redmi Flagship to be Called K20 Pro or P20 Pro or X20 Pro? Tipped to Launch on May 13

We have been seeing certain tips and leaks saying there is a new Redmi flagship device. Earlier reports speculated that this upcoming flagship would be the Xiaomi Redmi X. However, recently general manager of the Redmi brand, Lu Weibing, cleared all the rumors and said that the device wouldn’t be called Redmi X. He posted an update on his Weibo account, which says, “Do not call Redmi X, there will be a better name. Good night”.

Recently, three screen protectors have surfaced online showing the specifications of the Redmi Flagship device. However, the device’s name remains a mystery as three pictures have popped up, all with the same list of specifications but different names: Redmi K20 Pro, Redmi P20 Pro, and Redmi X20 Pro. But we think these images might be photo-shopped. We can’t verify its authenticity. So take this with a pinch of salt.

Now, as far as the launch date is concerned, reports have come in about a 13th May launch in China alongside “One more thing.” As of now, there are no details about the second product. Some rumors suggest the Redmi Flagship will come as Poco F2 in India. A launch date so close to the Oneplus 7 and Oneplus 7 Pro launch date seems like a pre-planned move from Redmi.

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