Redmi K60 might be the first ever Android Phone to pack Dynamic Island like feature

With the introduction of the iPhone 14 series announced on September 7, consisting of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus (A new addition to the series), iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple also announced its bizarre feature calling it as ‘Dynamic Island.’

For those unaware, Dynamic Island is the feature that builds up the special implementation of both the hardware and software. It shows all the information about the currently running applications in a minute-byte size format. It includes exciting features like multitasking shortcuts, music playing, and control, alarm notifications, ongoing calls, etc. Even Dynamic Island-powered ‘Hit the Island’ game is now available for iPhone 14 Pro.

Recently released video clip by Vaibhav Jain (TechDroider) on Twitter, we can already see the Dynamic Island-like notifications enforced on a Xiaomi Phone. Jain tweeted, “Dynamic Island Style Notifications / Now Playing On Xiaomi MIUI. MI Theme Developers never disappoint.” Further, in the same tweet, he mentioned the theme’s name as ‘Grumpy UI’, where every detail was mentioned in the Chinese language. Jain then tweeted, “Developer told me the Dynamic Island Theme Update is still under review, so if Xiaomi approves it, it will be listed on Theme Store. FYI Xiaomi removed the last Dynamic Island style theme by sugertheme.” If Xiaomi consents to the developed theme, it may soon be available in the MIUI Theme Store.

We have seen many Android OEMs getting inspired by the Dynamic Island feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max and trying to implement the same on their smartphone.

Lu Weibing, the President of Xiaomi China and international, replied to the excitement of a user on Weibo stating the need for the Smart Island. Xiaomi Users respond to it positively and are excited to see the Dynamic Island-like feature on the Xiaomi devices. It is expected that the upcoming Redmi K60 will come with the Smart Island embedded with it. Developers of Xiaomi MIUI may be developing the Smart Island to be unveiled with the arriving Redmi K60. In fact, MIUI developers have already started the process to make the music control or something similar to Dynamic Island to be available in Smart Island.

The famous tipster Mukul Sharma (Known as Stufflistings) on Twitter also shared the tweet by tweeting on his profile. So there’s something to be looking for with the Xiaomi team.

realme India officially hinted about the ‘realme Island’ feature being available soon on their devices. However, the original post seems to be deleted now.

The day is not far when all the other Android OEMs will have the Smart Island feature, or the name they feel supports their style, ready soon on their devices and available in the technology pace.

Dynamic Island is a marvellous feature introduced by Apple, and the Android OEMs getting motivated by it and doing something similar called ‘Smart Island’ will be worth it.


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