Virtual RAM: What is it? Here’s the list of phones that feature Virtual RAM

Many of us are familiar with virtual memory that is incorporated into PCs to make them faster. Virtual memory is the excess amount of memory that the computer has access to in case the primary memory, that is the RAM is filled with data. The operating system takes up some storage from the hard drive and uses it as a supplement to favour the primary memory available in the RAM stick. It does not increase the overall space in the RAM stick, it just helps the primary memory to go on about its task even when several applications are set to run simultaneously.

What is Virtual RAM and how is it used?

Virtual RAM in a smartphone is exactly like Virtual memory in PCs. We now have faster internal storage access which improves the overall speed of the device. Undoubtedly the RAM is a volatile memory with ultra-fast data speeds, while the flash storage is much, much slower. But the virtual RAM does not work as additional RAM in a smartphone. The device magically does not go from 8GB RAM to 10GB or 11GB of RAM. The virtual memory only uses the storage on offer from the internal storage. It uses that storage to keep the core files of the open applications always ready to load.

The RAM does not store any data permanently. It pushes the core application files in and out, with a continuous flow of data required for the different applications running on the device. At times when this allocated memory on the RAM stick gets filled, the flow of data gets clogged and the running applications suffer to perform their functions. It needs access to RAM memory to function properly. In such times, Virtual RAM will come into play and allocate a portion of the internal storage as temporary RAM memory where the system will store the unnecessary data files that are clogging the RAM. The application in use will keep using the actual RAM memory, while the application which is not in use and running in the background will have its core files in the allocated virtual memory. Yes, the internal memory is not fast enough for the application to use that for its functionality. Hence, it will only act as a storage unit. As soon as the user loads up an application that has its core files stored in the Virtual RAM, those core files will be moved to the actual RAM memory and some other application will be pushed to the virtual RAM. This will ensure that the smartphone will load up applications faster and the applications running in the foreground will have all the memory for themselves.

List of phones that support virtual RAM

iQOO Z3 5G comes equipped with a virtual RAM expansion feature where you can use 3GB from the ROM to make it an 11GB RAM phone.

Vivo recently unveiled their X60 series of smartphones and they are claiming that all of these devices use virtual RAM to improve the overall speed and response of the smartphone.

We have three Vivo X60 devices, namely, the Vivo X60, Vivo X60 Pro and Vivo X60 Pro+. Vivo claims that these X60 devices have access to 3GB of internal storage as Virtual RAM. All three of these smartphones come with an AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate and 240 Hz touch sampling rate. The X60 Pro+ houses the Snapdragon 888, while the other two smartphones house the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870. Even in terms of cameras, these smartphones differ, but all of them are no slouch when it comes to raw performance. The latest Snapdragon 800 series processors together with fast RAM, fast UFS 3.1 internal storage and virtual RAM will make these three smartphones a compelling offer for people looking to get a smartphone in the upper mid-range to flagship category of smartphones.

Vivo also offers extended RAM on Vivo V21 5G smartphone that is touted to allow 3GB of ROM as Virtual RAM for an enhanced experience. Realme brings Dynamic RAM Expansion Technology (DRE) on the Realme 8 5G that allows the smartphone to utilise 3GB of storage as virtual RAM.

Oppo has also confirmed that Oppo F19 series, A53s, and A74 5G smartphones are now getting RAM expansion feature via software upgrade.

Oneplus claims that they use virtual memory technology with their smartphones to ensure that they are snappy at all times. But they have not revealed which or how many of their smartphones actually make use of this technology.

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