Vivo Android 11 with Funtouch OS 11: Here’s the List of Eligible Phones

China and India are no strangers to Vivo smartphones. They take a major share of India’s smartphone market, and this is because of their offline distribution system. And these devices are no slouch either, as Vivo is one of the companies to offer new and unique features to their smartphones. Vivo was the first company to offer an in-display fingerprint scanner too.

But despite the hardware superiority of Vivo, there is still a lot for Vivo to learn about offering an equally good software experience. They push out lots of smartphones every year in every category, from budget to mid-range to flagship. But still, their software update policy is not official like other top tier smartphone manufacturers. And if you are a Vivo user and you are wondering whether or not you will receive the Android 11 update with Funtouch OS 11, then this article is for you.

January 8: Vivo has announced (via its Twitter account) the Funtouch OS 11 Beta (based on Android 11) rollout schedule in India. Below you can see eligible phones along with their beta rollout timeline.

  • Vivo X50 Pro from the mid-December 2020.
  • Vivo X50 and V19 from the end of January 2021.
  • Vivo V17 Pro, V17, V15 Pro, and S1 from the end of March 2021.
  • Vivo S1 Pro, Z1Pro, and Z1x from the end of April 2021.
  • Vivo V15 from the end of June 2021.

December 17: Android 11 based OriginOS beta testing program has begun for the Vivo S7, NEX 3S, X50, iQOO, and iQOO Neo3.

September 30: Vivo unveiled the Vivo V20, V20 Pro and V20 SE with Android 11 pre-installed alongside its Funtouch OS 11 skin.

September 23: Here is good news for Vivo Nex 3S, iQOO 3 4G and iQOO 3 5G users. For these devices, Vivo has released Android 11 Beta 3 builds through the Developer Preview Program. The initial version is intended for developers only as this version might have some major bugs.

What is Funtouch OS 11?

Funtouch OS 11 is Vivo’s custom skin which is based on Android 11 operating system. It brings Always-on display, AI editor, iManager, S-capture, and Ultra Game mode feature for Vivo smartphones. Vivo V20 Series was the first to run on the Funtouch OS 11.

Some exciting features of the Funtouch OS 11

  • Theme: Vivo is going for the white simplistic background for the apps but the text and shapes will be in blue and black.
  • Always on Display (AOD): Vivo has always flaunted their Always-on Display. With the new OS, AOD will come with new improvements and lots of customization offering various colours and dynamic light effects.
  • The all-new Gallery App: A new album known as Memories is added to the Gallery. The pictures under memories will be sorted according to time, location, events, and even intimacy level (read relationships). Another feature is added in the gallery app which is the AI editor. With this feature, you can easily edit videos and the AI will help recognize main characters and will highlight the intense moments.
  • iManager: This manager will provide you with a detailed summary of your phone as well as its performance. You can clean junk files for free space and also a security scan is provided to scan for viruses, trojans, and many malicious activities. It will further provide you with solutions on how to remove it.
  • S-capture for Screen recording: The new Funtouch OS 11 comes with S-capture which will provide more features to Screen recording. You can capture your screen more efficiently. You can take screenshots using the long mode, rectangular mode, doodle mode, lasso mode. On top of it, you can also record your voice using a microphone and can make commentary for games or to make tutorial videos.
  • The Ultra Game mode: Vivo has implemented the Ultra game mode on Funtouch OS 11. The feature will provide Picture-in-Picture (PiP) with which you can launch a messaging app like Whatsapp and maybe even Youtube. Another feature is that it has the Esports mode which basically blocks all incoming calls and messages during intense gameplay. Vivo further says that the Ultra game mode has a real-time frame rate which will boost the game performance.

Last year Vivo released the plan for Android 10 based Funtouch OS 10 a couple of months after the official Android 10 was released by Google. Based on how Vivo handled Functouch OS updates in the past, we have compiled a list of Vivo phones that will most probably receive the upcoming Android 11 based Funtouch OS update.

Here’s the list of Vivo phones expected to receive Android 11

How we created the above list?

Only a handful of devices have been released recently by Vivo that come with Android 10 preinstalled. These devices will likely receive the next Android update after it becomes official in the Q4 of 2020. Vivo has pushed out two major OS updates to their smartphones in the past. We can expect Vivo to continue on this trend and push out Android 11 updates to devices that came with Android Pie out of the box. Some of them have not yet received Android 10 though, but even if Vivo takes a while, we can expect these devices to run on Android 11 in 2021.

These Vivo devices may or may not receive Android 11

Vivo sometimes tends to avoid OS updates on their cheaper budget and even mid-range devices. They push out one major OS update for this section of devices, and only sometimes we see a device from this section receiving two major OS updates. Nonetheless, it would be better if Vivo pushes out Android 11 to all the smartphones in this section. Having said that, these are the devices that may or may not receive the Android 11 based Funtouch OS update.


These are just speculations based on Vivo’s old track record with major OS updates. It might change when the actual update rolls out. However, we can expect most of these Vivo devices to receive the Android 11 update. Now one thing to remember here is that Vivo usually takes a lot of time to release the stable build of their Funtouch OS when a new Android version is launched. So to know for sure, which devices will receive the update, we have to wait and see till the Q1 or Q2 of 2021.


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